The Importance of a Skincare Routine In Lockdown

Jess Bush Skincare News

When it comes to your everyday pampering, you already know that following a regular skincare routine is key for healthy younger looking skin. Whether you follow the classic cleanser, toner and moisturiser regimen or prefer a more extended routine with facial oils and serums, we can all agree that your skin will not be in proper shape without it.

Since we’re all confined to our homes through this COVID 19 lockdown, you may think that skipping or completely abandoning your skincare routine is OK. But It’s not. First, bacteria and toxins are all around us; from the air we breathe to touching our cell phones and even harmful sun rays, so it’s important to make sure that washing and exfoliating your skin is key.

Like so many others, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the pause button on regular life, so keeping a skincare routine can regain a sense of control, helping in lowering stress and anxiety. It’s also key to having some sense of normalcy and connection to the life you were previously living.

You should be washing your face and neck (don’t forget neck!) every day, regardless of whether you’ve gone outside or not. If you work from home, then chances are you have natural light in the room as well. So wearing a high-quality SPF is also fabulous if you’re working near a window because UVs can come through that. And with the abundance of dry air indoors, it’s essential for you to cleanse and moisturize your skin regularly.

On top of that, disrupted sleep—common in times like these—can also show up on your face and skin. Sleep’s importance to the health of your skin can’t be overstated. While you snooze, anti-inflammatory molecules like beta-endorphins and oxytocin, get to work helping to repair all of our organs, including your outer layer. Lack of sleep or disrupted sleep prevents these molecules from doing their job.

A Guide for your routine –

  1. Cleanser – Facial cleansers are great for cleaning and removing impurities from your skin. Make sure you rinse twice to make sure dirt is all gone.
  2. Toner – Hydration is a must for healthy skin and using a toner helps you reap the benefits.
  3. Moisturiser – After you’ve toned your skin, follow up with a moisturizer.
  4. Suncreen – The truth is, our skin is always exposed to pollution whether we step foot outside or remain in our homes. And if maintaining healthy skin is a must, skipping out on your skincare routine can harm your skin.